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The LifeWork Project

The LifeWork Project assists low-income women, predominantly single mother heads of household, to accomplish specific individualized goals in five areas that represent the pillars on the Bridge to Self Sufficiency®: family/housing stability, well-being, education & training, financial management and employment and career management.


After three years, this pilot project has proved so successful that we are extending to a five-year program to support women continuing their education and career progress, especially the challenging journey of transferring to - and completing - a four-year degree program.  Below are highlights of what participants have accomplished over the first three years.

Family Stability

  • Securing needed childcare was one of the top barriers for women when the LifeWork Project launched. Currently, more than 90% of program participants have consistent, reliable childcare to cover time at work or in school.

  • All participants report stable housing situations.


Well Being

  • All participants have health insurance.

  • LifeWork women report a greater sense of confidence and ability to overcome barriers.


Education & Training

  • Thirteen (13) women have earned their associate degree since beginning LifeWork

  • Five (5) participants earned academic certification from Bristol Community College

  • Four (4) participants have successfully completed their first year at four-year colleges. ALL of these women are enrolled for their second year starting in Fall 2016.


Financial Management

  • Almost $32,000 in financial incentives were awarded to participants in the LifeWork Project during 2015.

  • All of the women have savings accounts with close to $20,000 in total savings recorded.


Employment & Career Management

  • 76% of participants were working at the end of 2015, up from 52% in year 1 and 36% from the beginning of the program.

  • Half of employed participants gained employment AFTER being enrolled in LifeWork.