Our Committees

Leadership Council

Leadership Council is Women's Fund governing body. They set the strategic vision for the organization, oversees, hires and evaluates the executive director, and in conjunction with the Community Foundation, provides financial and immediate oversight, including creation and approval of the annual budget and development plan and participation in development activities to raise resources. 

     Chair, Bettina Borders 


The Marketing Committee shall support the development of a strong, positive identity for the Women’s fund that facilitates and strengthens its mission.  To this end, the Marketing Committee shall utilize multiple forms of media and resources that have been approved in the annual budget, or, in special circumstances, through the unanimous approval of the Leadership Council.


     Chair, Mary Avery

    Co-Chair, Carmen Amaral

Social Change Investment

The Social Committee shall consider offering grants to charitable organizations whose programs fit the mission of the Women’s Fund.  The Grant-Making Committee shall make such approved grants from the Action Fund, a pool of money to be used for making grants.

Chair, Meg Steinberg


The Governance Committee shall principally be responsible for evaluating the Executive Director  and recommending new rules of operating as needed and leadership development within the Women’s Fund through the nominating and recruitment process.  The Committee will also be charged with the oversight of the Women’s Fund’s functional values, principally collaboration, diversity and inclusion, bold leadership, and social justice.


Chair, Marcy Wintrub


The Finance Committee shall provide guidance to the elected Treasurer and monitor financial reporting systems.  The Committee may also make recommendations to the Leadership Council for changes in financial reporting and identify new and improved tools and methods for the Women’s Fund financialsystems.

Chair, Sharon Levesque

Tiara 5K

The Tiara Race Committee shall provide the planning for the primary fundraising event held each Mother’s Day, the Tiara 5k Classic.  Members will work on identifying sponsors, special fundraising requests, managing all aspects of conducting the race including but not limited to registrations, promotional items, and marketing.


Chair, Shawndrae Barretto


The Engagement Committee  assists the Leadership Council to carry out its due diligence function related to assuring fiscal health through philanthropy and fund development. The committee partners with staff to institutionalize the philanthropic process within the Leadership Council and its individual members, ensuring a donor-centered organization.

Chair, Sarah Rose 

Co-Chair, Chrissie Bascom 

The Women’s Fund advances economic security for women and girls in Southeastern MA, promoting equity across race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, gender identity and country of origin.  We build partnerships and use our voice, advocacy, and grantmaking to foster a more just region.

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The Women's Fund is a Fund of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts

135 Union Street| New Bedford, MA 02740 | 508-717-0283 | www.CFSEMA.org